SuperPot Pro


All-in-one Cannabis Grow System
Large breathable fabric grow pot – INCLUDED
Seedling cup to start your seed or clone – INCLUDED
Built-in organic fertilizer


  • Contains approximately 27 litres of BudMud premium growing medium – enough to grow one medium-large cannabis plant.
  • BudMud is organic potting soil packed with everything a cannabis plant needs for its entire grow cycle including organic fertilizer, compost- processed and cured – just add water!
  • BudMud also contains a rich microbial ecosystem and a wide spectrum of minerals and nutrients specifically for the cannabis plant.

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The SuperPot PRO is the ultimate all-in-one organic grow system. The included fabric pot prevents root binding/root tips by “air pruning” – this is the preferred vehicle for master organic growers.

Like the OG SuperPot, the SuperPot PRO comes pre-filled with BudMud soil. BudMud is a mix of organic potting soil and earthworm castings with more than 15 amendments, nutrients, minerals and microorganisms added. The mixture is then composted and cured over 4-6 weeks to create a balanced, powerful, natural growing medium engineered to meet the needs of the cannabis plant.

The SuperPot PRO is also “spiked” with pockets of concentrated organic nutrients to help feed your cannabis plant throughout the grow cycle and produce big, juicy buds.

The SuperPot PRO also includes an integrated seedling cup. BudMud is too powerful for young plants – so the seedling cup is filled with a mellower soil mixture designed to nurture your seedling until it’s ready for BudMud.

Finally, the top of your SuperPot PRO includes a layer of BudMulch – natural, raw cedar mulch with organic top-dressing added. The top-dressing is full of potent nutrients that will permeate through the SuperPot as you water your plant throughout its grow.