The BudMud SuperPot – All-In-One Living Soil Grow Kit


The second generation SuperPot™ has arrived!!

Box includes:

  • A 26.5 litre (7 gallon) fabric grow pot with reinforced handles
  • 25 litres of BudMud living soil
  • A 16oz recyclable paper seedling cup filled with BudMud Starter Mix
  • A 125 gram package of organic top-dressing (the BudMud SuperBooster powered by Earth Medicine)

The SuperPot is the easiest, most affordable way to grow exceptional organic cannabis at home. This all-in-one kit is suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners alike and is a large enough kit to grow full-size photoperiod cannabis plants!

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Your SuperPot is a 7 gallon fabric grow pot that arrives ready for use. The pot is pre-filled with BudMud super soil and the entire pot is layered to nurture a cannabis plant throughout its life.

The SuperPot will arrive pre-filled with BudMud soil. BudMud is a mix of organic potting soil and earthworm castings with more than 15 amendments, nutrients, minerals and microorganisms added. The mixture is then composted and cured in small batches to create a balanced, powerful, natural growing medium engineered to meet the needs of the cannabis plant.

The SuperPot is also “spiked” with pockets of concentrated organic nutrients to help feed your cannabis plant throughout the grow cycle and produce big, juicy buds.

Also included:

  • A paper seedling cup pre-filled with BudMud starter mix. BudMud contains a lot of nitrogen, which can sometimes cause problems in brand new seedlings – so the seedling cup is filled with a mellower soil mixture designed to nurture your seedling until it’s ready for full-strength BudMud.
  • A 125 gram pack of our own special organic top-dressing, the BudMud SuperBooster Powered by Earth Medicine – this is a gentle organic fertilizer and soil booster made from compressed dairy compost, straw and flax – after hundreds of test grows we can confirm it is an ideal pairing for BudMud!

The BudMud SuperPot is an organic living soil all-in-one cannabis grow kit!