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20 Litres | Bulk BudMud Super Soil | Ships in Biodegradable Burlap Sack

BudMud is organic living super soil with built-in fertilizer for the cannabis plant. Although many of our growers like to tinker by adding compost teas, organic top-dressings or other natural amendments . . . many of our growers also have great success by adding nothing but water!

BudMud is made in Canada with sustainably-sourced Canadian ingredients.

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20 Litres | Bulk BudMud Super Soil | Ships in Biodegradable Burlap Sack

BudMud is a carefully hand-crafted living soil that is optimally balanced for growing cannabis and other large flowering plants.

Living soil refers to a soil that is teeming with life – protozoa, fungi, beneficial bacteria and other microbes, as well as sometimes including earthworms and beneficial insects. We at BudMud believe that living soil is the future of growing. Growing in soil is simple and forgiving – pH is rarely a concern as soil has significant buffering capacity, deficiencies are rarely a concern because the soil is balanced and packed with macro- and micro-nutrients and many problems self-correct over time. After all, plants growing in soil has been happening for billions of years!

With BudMud, we start with sustainably-sourced Manitoba sphagnum peat moss. Peat moss is a vastly superior base to coco coir for several reasons. Unlike coco, sphagnum peat is full of beneficial life including the critically important mychorrizhael fungi. Additionally, because peat is slightly acidic, this allows us to add dolomitic limestone to the soil and still land at a pH of 6.0, adding many other benefits.

To this base we add our compost and humus: in the case of BudMud this includes loads of pure earthworm castings as well as composted steer manure. Both of these inputs, along with more than 90% of our inputs, are made in Canada. Worm castings are pure organic magic and the humus source favoured by most organic cannabis growers.

Sustainable Canadian perlite is then added to ensure the soil has excellent drainage. This is important as many problems are caused by over-watering and plant roots having ‘wet feet.’ The addition of plenty of perlite helps growers maintain an optimal wet-dry cycle.

Now we have our base soil! But we are just getting started . . .

Next we add our macronutrient sources, our micronutrients, mineral sources, mycorrizhae and other soil conditioners. In these inputs we strongly favour those that are Canadian made and sustainably harvested. We add 12 different amendments which include kelp meal, fishbone meal, Saskatchewan alfalfa meal, limestone, various rock dusts and several others.

After that, we add water and heat and tumble the mixture in small batches, creating a hot compost and breaking down nutrients and minerals so they can be used by the plant.

The result is the mud that grew a million buds!

We sell BudMud in 20 litre bags (it says 20l on the bag but we always give you some extra!) To reduce the amount of plastic we consume, we use a very thin plastic bag inserted into a Canadian-made burlap sack. Burlap is a plant-based fibre, which we thought was a pretty darned good fit 🙂

Add a clone or seed, light and water and you’re on your way to producing your own cannabis. Occasional refreshing with top-dressing or organic compost tea can help with yield and plant health but even with nothing but regular tap water, BudMud can produce exceptional cannabis.