How to Grow

If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow cannabis.

What you’ll need to get started

  • BudMud or similar super soil and a container to grow in (or a SuperPot, which includes growing container, super soil and seedling cup)
  • a cannabis seed or clone
  • a good quality light source
  • water

Growing Cannabis in SuperPot: The Basics

Cannabis has been grown in dirt for thousands of years. While hydroponic systems are excellent for maximizing yield per plant, growing in soil is simple and affordable – and produces some of the best cannabis in existence.

1. Source a high-quality feminized clone or seed (only female cannabis plants produce the “bud” flowers which are harvested, dried and consumed).

2. Start your seedling in the included seedling cup. Regular BudMud is packed with powerful nutrients that can overwhelm a young plant. The seedling cup is filled with a reduced-strength BudMud for young plants.

3. Use the highest quality light source you can afford. Cannabis plant yield is largely dependent on how much broad-spectrum light the plant gets.

4. Water your seedling whenever the soil feels dry to the touch – more frequently when your plant is young (but don’t over-water and drown your baby!) It’s best to use reverse-osmosis or distilled water rather than tap water.

5. Your plant is ready to transplant into the BudMud SuperPot when her canopy (top leaves) are about 4 inches in diameter – as wide as the opening of the seedling cup.

6. To transplant, simply remove the seedling cup, tip it upside down to extract the seedling and its root bed, and then replace the whole plant (minus the plastic cup) into the space left by the cup.

7. Continue to water occasionally, allowing the pot to dry out about 75% in between waterings (don’t allow it to dry completely.)

8. During this stage you should be giving your plant roughly 18 hours of full light and 6 hours of darkness per day.

9. This is known as the vegetative phase. It will last approximately 2 to 6 weeks (but this varies significantly depending on what strain you are growing and other environmental factors).

10. When your plant’s canopy is about as wide as the SuperPot, and reaches 15” to 2’ in height, she is ready to enter the flowering stage. This is the phase when she will begin producing beautiful buds.

11. To encourage your plant to enter the flowering stage, she will need 12 hours of full light and 12 hours of complete darkness per day. A light-proof grow tent or grow closet is the simplest way to accomplish this.

12. Continue this 12/12 light/dark cycle and continue watering when the BudMud becomes dry to the touch for approximately 6 to 10 weeks until your plant’s buds are dense, firm and the pistils begin to darken and wilt – this tells you it is time to harvest.

Learn More

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